Triathlon Race Day Tips To Deal With Race Day Jitters

Triathlon pictogramA Triathlon can be a bit stressful for athletes irrespective of whether they are novice or experienced. It is extremely important to prepare well for it so that you perform well to your optimum level on the race day. Many athletes get race day jitters which can affect their performance and all their hard work and training that they have done for several weeks or months may become futile. In this article we will discuss some important tips that athletes can follow to perform well on race day and avoid taking unnecessary stress and anxiety.

There are a number of thing that athletes can do to stay relaxed and focused on the race day. Here are just a few important tips to follow on Triathlon race day to avoid getting anxious and perform well:

1) Be Prepared

You should prepare a pre-race checklist of all the things you may need. Get all your gear and clothes ready the night before the race day and go through the list to ensure that you aren’t missing out on anything. One of the most important thing to check in advance is your bike tires and ensure they are well inflated and ready for the race.

2) Get to the race early

Athletes should ensure that they get to the race early so that they can relax and prepare themselves for the event. This will also help you find parking space which may be difficult if you arrive in the last minute. You should stay positive and keep reminding yourself that you have done all the necessary training to do well in the competition. When you arrive early it will help you familiarize yourself with the surroundings especially with the transition area which can be vital to your ultimate performance in the race.

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My Triathlon

marathon start, shoes runnerCarpet cleaning has never been an adorable chore to me, and every time I did it, I would put on my country music to soothe me on as I did this boring chore. This particular day was different however; I had this feeling buzzing inside me, as if everything was going to be interesting this day.

That was the very moment when my iron-man team arrived-I was frozen in my tracks as I had to drop everything I was doing to join them in training for the upcoming triathlon marathon.

I had to get ready for the multistage competition which is very vigorous and very involving.

Now, you might be wondering what triathlon competition is, stay put as I explain to you exactly what it is.

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Bike Training Tips for Triathlons

triathlete tranistionThe act of biking is easy to master. The challenge comes in when you turn your leisurely biking into a race effort. If you’ve ever competed in a triathlon, you know how difficult the bike-run transition can be. Once you’ve left the fairly comfort of your bike seat, those few running steps can feel like you are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you don’t train properly, your biking speed will be below par and you may wonder whether you will be capable of finishing the cycling portion of the competition. Here are triathlon training tips that will help you finish the race ahead of defending champions.

Use the bike you will race on

Riders that do all training on the bike that they use in a competition perform better than those that use a different bike than the one they use on a race day. Don’t spend weeks or months training on one bike then use a different bike for the race. Also, remember that an expensive bike does not make a better cyclist. Therefore, you don’t need to train on the most expensive bike in the city provided that you are comfortable on the one you currently have.

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Important Tips For Swim Training

When you are a triathlon swimmer, you have to do things a little bit different from the regular swimmers if you want to be at your best performance. You have to engage in endurance workouts to build your strength. You should also be very keen to improve your swimming mechanics. There are simple things that you can do that will greatly help to improve your triathlon performance. Here are simple tips that will help you a lot;

Overcome Your Anxiety

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Tips for Marathon Training

athletes run in the outdoor race on the roadIn a triathlon event you will be required to run for a marathon, swim and do cycling. All the activities will follow each other without a rest. This makes it necessary for you to prepare well in case you will like to win. Your success in the event will depend on your performance at the three events. This makes it necessary for you to take time and assess yourself. Through carrying out your own assessment, you will know areas where you are weak. In case you are weak in cycling, then you need to train more. For those who find swimming hard, they should take time and prepare in advance. Here are tips for you to perform well in the marathon part:

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World championship of Ironman

bikingWorld championship of Ironman is an event that consists of swimming for about 3.86 kilometers, riding a bike for a total of 180.25 kilometers and running for a marathon of 42.2 kilometers. In all the three events, swimming, cycling and running are carried out in the same sequence. There is no time allowed for you to rest so that you will change from one event to the other. You will finish swimming and move on to cycling then running. This is an event that requires athletes to develop great levels of endurance, in case you are an athlete who will like to enjoy great achievements, you should take your time and practice so that you will develop the endurance required. You will be required to develop skills in swimming, running and riding a bicycle. It may be hard to get started at first, but after you carry out enough exercises, you will be assured of great success which will make you feel good.

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Essential Training Tips for the Ironman Triathlon

athletes run in the outdoor race on the roadThe Ironman Triathlon is comprised of three events: swimming (2.4 miles / 3.86 km), cycling (112 miles / 180.25 km), and running (26.2 miles / 42.2 km). It’s infamous for being extremely difficult and it will certainly test your limits, no matter how fit you think you are.

Completely the Ironman Triathlon is a very desirable milestone that many people want to accomplish, but yet very few people actually take the time to learn about how to properly train for this event.

Throughout the next few sections we’re going to give you some essential training tips for the Ironman Triathlon. We’ll make sure that everything is easy to digest by breaking it down into three sections: training, nutrition, and rest & recovery.

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Massage and ironman

marathon start, shoes runnerAfter running 40 kilometres, swimming and cycling in ironman triathlon, there is nothing that can be relaxing like being on a massage table. The massage leads to relaxing the mind as well as getting rid of the muscle pains that were accumulated during the event. With a massage therapist who is highly qualified, as an athlete I will stay relaxed all throughout the process. The therapists know where to touch so that they will relieve the pressure. It is an experience that I will recommend to any athlete who will like to relief pressure and stay relaxed after triathlon. After trying once, I have made a habit of rushing to the therapist each time I have crossed the finish line in the triathlon.

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All about Ironman

triathlete tranistionIronman triathlon is an event that consists of three sporting activities. You will be required to swim for 3.86 kilometers, ride a bike for 180.25 kilometers and run for a total of 42.2 kilometers. Triathlon is among the most difficult sporting activities in the world. You will be required to carry out tall the three events in a single day without a rest in between them. In most iron man competition you will be required to accomplish the sporting events in less than 17 hours. This will require you to start at 7.00 am. It will start with swimming where you will have to swim for 2 hours and 20 minutes followed by 8 hours 10 minute of cycling and a marathon that will run for 6 hours 30 minutes. It is a sporting event that require athletes to develop great level of endurance before they can participate in it.

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A Close Look At Half Ironman Triathlon

Swimmers in Triathlon

Half Ironman triathlon is a series of long distance triathlon races that covers a total of 70.3 miles. It is organized by the WTC, World Triathlon Corporation. The race consists of 13.1-mile run, 56-mile bike ride and 1.2-mile run. The triathlon culminates every year with a WTC where competitors qualify for the 70.3 series 12 months before the championship race. The competitions are also held in many regions including Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. The following is a close look at this half triathlon that will help you a clear idea of what it entails.

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